William Katt

William Katt, born on February 16, 1951, in Los Angeles, California, was the actor who brought to life one of the most iconic superhero characters in television- Ralph Hinkley/Hanley of “The Greatest American Hero.” However, William Katt’s talents span far past this role, and his career before and after the show is worth exploring.

Before “The Greatest American Hero,” Katt began his acting career as a teenager, appearing in various TV series, including “Ironside,” “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” and “Gunsmoke.” His big break came when he landed the leading role in the 1976 horror movie “Carrie,” which was an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Katt played Tommy Ross, the love interest of the lead character, played by Sissy Spacek.

After the success of “Carrie,” Katt’s career took off. He went on to star in several other movies, including “First Love,” “Big Wednesday,” “The Man with Bogart’s Face,” and “House.” Katt also appeared on various TV series throughout the 70s and 80s, working on shows such as “The Waltons,” “The Love Boat,” and “Knight Rider.”

However, it was his role as Ralph Hanley in “The Greatest American Hero” which cemented his place in pop culture history. Katt’s portrayal of Ralph was relatable and endearing, creating a well-rounded character that audiences could root for. He played the character with a combination of humor, heart, and sincerity – bringing his own unique charm to the role.

Katt’s chemistry with his co-stars, Robert Culp and Connie Sellecca, also played a vital role in the show’s success. The dynamic between Ralph and Bill Maxwell, played by Robert Culp, created a memorable pairing and helped to balance out the show’s tone. Katt also had excellent chemistry with co-star Connie Sellecca, who played Ralph’s love interest, Pamela Davidson.

After “The Greatest American Hero,” Katt continued to work in the entertainment industry, appearing in various TV shows, movies, and stage productions. He also took on a new role behind the camera as a writer, director, and producer. In 1999, Katt wrote, directed, and starred in the well-received independent movie, “Daddy’s Deadly Darling.”

In 2009, Katt reprised his role as Ralph Hanley in a pilot for a potential reboot of “The Greatest American Hero,” but it did not get picked up.

Katt’s talents have not gone unnoticed in the industry either. He has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards for his work in “The Greatest American Hero” and “Big Wednesday.”

Katt has also been recognized for his contributions to the entertainment industry and his philanthropic work. In 2017, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for his contributions to films and TV.

William Katt is so much more than just Ralph Hanley from “The Greatest American Hero.” He has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, spanning over five decades. He has played a wide range of characters, from horror movie victims to lovable superheroes. He has also proved to be a versatile talent as a writer, director, and producer. Katt’s legacy in Hollywood and contributions to the industry will not be forgotten anytime soon.