Miami Vice

March 11, 2019

Episode 43 – Miami Vice, Brother’s Keeper

Crockett, Tubbs, pastel clothes, drugs, and guns. We get all that and more in the pilot of Miami Vice. Tubbs sees his brother get killed in […]
June 17, 2019

Miami Vice – No Exit

This week Tubbs goes undercover for the FBI to find some missiles that were stolen. Turns out an arms dealer, played by a young Bruce Willis, […]
July 1, 2020

Miami Vice – Smuggler’s Blues

This Miami Vice episode is about a song. Well, actually it’s about the story within a song by Glenn Fry. And funny enough, Glenn Fry guest […]
December 13, 2020

Miami Vice – Missing Hours

Crockett, Tubbs and the rest of the team are investigating something strange. Is it alien activity? Is James Brown an alien and why does Chris Rock […]
October 12, 2022

Miami Vice – Phil The Shill

Phil Collins guest stars on this Miami Vice episode as a “shill” who steals money from unsuspecting people. The episode begins with him as a game […]